Project Description

In 2013 a UCLA Luskin Center for Civil Society report described “human services deserts” within Los Angeles County including Watts, an impoverished pocket of South Los Angeles. In response to this report along with my own community-based experience, I have received a two year grant from The California Wellness Foundation to establish the Watts Center for Nonprofit Management (the Center). The proposed Center – to begin operations in 20160 – represents an effort to develop leadership, fundraising capacity, policy advocacy and information and communication technology literacy among the small and struggling nonprofit agencies of Watts.

What differentiates the Watts Center for Nonprofit Management from other training programs is its unique integration of adapted training, mentoring and resource provision through re-granting. In addition, coach-mentors will be building skills in the first cohort of selected individuals, preparing them to mentor subsequent cohorts composed of the next generation of Watts nonprofit leaders. This funding will provide the foundation for the first two-year phase of what is envisioned as a 10-year initiative.