Project Description

For more than fifteen years, Leap and Associates has focused on delivering culturally sensitive, participatory action evaluation research that both informs and facilitates systems change and social transformation. In collaboration with Karrah Lompa and Dr. Todd Franke, Leap and Associates represents a multidisciplinary research team that draws resources and support from the UCLA Health and Social Justice Partnership, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, and UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities.

With a combined record of over 60 years of community-based research and evaluation, many of their efforts focus on examining policies and programming within public agencies and government departments.  In addition to the longitudinal evaluation at Homeboy Industries, the team also worked closely with the Los Angeles County Department of Probation conducting a process and outcome evaluation of the Homeboy Industries-Los Angeles County Gang Intervention and Reentry Program, focusing on both education and job training for youth and emerging adults of color at Homeboy Industries and at the Los Angeles County Day Reporting Center in South Los Angeles.  In addition, Leap and Associates has been directly involved with a variety of evaluation projects related to juvenile justice systems along with numerous qualitative evaluations as part of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) Program.  Additional work has included reporting to the County Board of Supervisors on the replacement of juvenile probation camp Camp Kilpatrick; evaluation of programming at the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and a multi-year evaluation of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood Program at Children’s Institute (CII).

The Leap and Associates team draws upon a community-based and evaluation model that is consistent with the philosophy, mission, and aims of participatory action research. We utilize a mixed methods framework for all of our efforts because the work we are passionate about is not being implemented in a sterile laboratory, but rather in a complex social environment with numerous features that affect its success. The Leap and Associates research and evaluation team synthesizes the strengths of individual researchers who each bring unique experience and talents to all of our work. Additionally, the team is committed to working collaboratively and in a participatory manner on all projects and assignments.